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A is for Airplanes, Alcohol and Achoo!

by Kimberly D Scott | Aug 08, 2010

Airplanes--Flying has become common, amazing when you consider mainstream commercial flights really started in the 1920’s.  Back then there were not a lot of options, I’ve read that the flights may not have been too comfortable either.  Flying used to be for the financially well off or for extremely special occasions.  People used to dress up for flights.  Nowadays casual is in, however, you are still expected to dress appropriately for all audiences


Keep your voice down when having a conversation; there is no privacy on the plane.  If the person next to you has on headphones, or is reading, sleeping, or working on a laptop, you can safely bet they do not want to make idle conversation.  


The person in the middle seat gets both armrests.  If you bring your own food to eat, make certain that the smell is not too offensive for close quarters.  Also, remember, one alcoholic drink consumed when you are in an airplane can affect you like two when grounded. 


Alcohol—Your first drink ever should not be at a business function.  If you are not a drinker, it is perfectly acceptable to pass.  If you do drink, remember business is different than other social occasions, know your limit of when you feel ‘tipsy’ and stay below it!


If you are at a business lunch and are uncertain if you can or should order a drink, defer to the host or your boss.  Follow their lead.  If you have to order first, simply say, I would like to start with water.  After everyone else orders, you can decide if it is okay to order something else.


Achoo!— Everyone sneezes.  Hopefully your parents or someone in your life has taught you to cover your mouth when you do so.  Stuff flies out of your mouth when you sneeze and no one wants it on them.  The question lately, is what do I cover my mouth with?  The best answer is a tissue.  Refrain from using a napkin unless you have to.  If you do use it, please fold it so where you sneezed is covered (your server does not want to touch it) and ask for a new one.  After all a napkin is supposed to be used for wiping your hands and face, a dirty one seems counterproductive. 


Sneezing in your hand, unless you can wash it right away can make those around you NEVER want to shake your hand.  Sneezing into your shoulder and away from others is the preferred option, if you do not have a tissue.  Words of advice though, if you are with a client, or on a job interview, bring a tissue!

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