Become A CPA

Become A CPA

Get the most out of your membership!

by Amy O’Donnell, Director of Member Services | Jun 18, 2014

Most professionals today will switch positions, companies and even professions multiple times over their careers. As they move through these roles, they need to stay in the know on trends and best practices within their areas of expertise and make connections to people integral to their work. Being a member of a professional association like the WSCPA makes these tasks easier. Professional associations give you the information and education you need as you transition from company to company, consider learning more about a particular area, or build your network.  Membership is the key to broadening your knowledge and staying in the driver’s seat of your career.

As a student or soon-to-be-CPA, you should make an effort now to be in the know and get connected. The WSCPA print and online resources are designed to help you stay on top of trends.  We encourage you to attend a local networking event to meet your peers, a possible mentor, or maybe your future co-workers in a fun way. Our CPA members are great resources and enjoy helping students move into the profession. They can also tell you more about opportunities to develop your leadership skills in your area. Learn more about upcoming events here.

This summer we encourage you to take your member benefits for a drive and see what new connections or resources you discover.

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  1. 1 Jamie O'Neil 19 Jun

    Hi Amy,

    For some reason my Outlook hasn't saved your e-mail, so I don't have it.  I was just curious about the event coming up.  I just received a WSCPA newsletter that mentioned it, but I haven't heard from you or the New Professionals committee at all!

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