Have You Registered Your WSCPA Passport Corporate Card?

by Paul Carboni | Aug 08, 2016

The WSCPA Passport Corporate card is a new member benefit that gives you access to exclusive discounts at top restaurants, popular shopping destinations, and a variety of travel services. Your Passport card was mailed at the start of July. In the past month, over 1700 members have registered their card and are already enjoying savings on movie and theater tickets, rental cars, and restaurants like Sullivan’s Steakhouse. Are you one of them?

Registration is Quick and Easy

To start taking advantage of these deals, first register your card. You can register online, or through the Passport Unlimited mobile app. Follow these steps:

To register online:

  1. Go to
  2. If you are a first time user, click “Sign Me Up” and register your card number. If you are a returning user, log in and update your Passport Corporate card number.

To register by mobile:

  1. Search your smartphone’s app store for the Passport Mobile app by Passport Unlimited and download it.
  2. Open the app and enter your WSCPA Passport Corporate card number followed by your email address into the fields provided.

That’s it! Now you can spend some time looking up your next vacation spot (Hawaiian Airlines offers a nice discount) or pick a new restaurant to try out for dinner.

Show Us Your Savings!

How have you been using your Passport card? Tell us about your favorite savings destinations on Facebook and Twitter!


  1. 11 Beth Schroder 15 Dec
    I have not received a Passport card. Is there something that I should have done in order to obtain one? Thanks much,
    Beth Schroder
  2. 10 Cassie Binford 15 Jan
    I have not received a Passport card. Is there something that I should have done in order to obtain one?
  3. 9 Kristin 28 Feb
    Love it!!!!!! I thought it would get me a free lunch at a restaurant near work, so I signed up. Then I was told the 2 for 1 offer (lower cost) was not one time, but until the card expires (or they leave the program) so two of us use the card approximately 3 times a week for lunch out ( we need to get away...). Hundreds of dollars savings.
  4. 8 Addie Ashby 20 Apr
    I have not received my card yet. 
  5. 7 Rob Shuler 22 Apr
    The card is a great benefit!  I've had a Passport card for 25 years now, and on average it saves me upwards of $1000 per year.  
  6. 6 Leigh Anderson 11 Jun
    I'd like to register for this, but lost my initial notice so can't register a number.  I spoke with someone at WSCPA about this and they said I had to pay to get another initial notice.  That seems kind of crazy.
  7. 5 Macile Assink 09 Jul
    I dont have my card - what should I do?
  8. 4 Nancy 20 Jul
    My passport card is expiring in August 2017.  Will I receive a new card?
  9. 3 Dana Rekow 01 Aug
    What do I need to do to get a Passport Card? If you sent it to my home, my wife may have thrown it out. Thanks. DR
  10. 2 Dave 02 Aug
        I do not have a passport card.  How do I sign up?  Please let me know how to sign up. Thank you, Dave

  11. 1 Theresa 03 Aug
    I do not have a passport card. How do I get one so I can get it registered?

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