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    Introverts to the Front: 4 Tips to be a Superstar without Taking Center Stage

    by Monette Anderson | Apr 11, 2017
    Introverts are enjoying a public relations upswing. However, even with this growing appreciation for the unique abilities of introverts, if you are one you likely find that vocalizing your accomplishments at work is more difficult for you than your more extroverted counterparts. Here are four tips to keep your accomplishments and strengths visible to your team.
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    Scam Alert: New Email Scam Claiming to be Official State Society Communications

    by Paul Carboni | Mar 29, 2017
    There's an email phishing scam in which the scammers claim to be sending an update from state CPA professional societies. Click here for full details.
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    Meet the Nominees for the 2017-18 WSCPA Board of Directors!

    by The WSCPA Board of Directors | Mar 15, 2017
    The Board of Directors is pleased to announce the nominees for the Society's 2017-18 Board of Directors. All nominees will be declared elected by the secretary at the annual meeting unless other nominations, supported by at least one percent of membership, are received by April 1, 2017.
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    Managing the Fears of Practice Transition

    by Ira S. Rosenbloom, CPA | Mar 01, 2017
    If you’re a firm owner considering a merger/sale or acquisition, some level of fear is a normal emotion and, in fact, crosses both sides of the table. How you manage trepidation can make or break the deal. Ira Rosenbloom, CPA, has some tips here.
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    What’s More Important: Technical Ability or Soft Skills?

    by Ken Tysiac | Mar 01, 2017
    It's no secret that the skill sets accounting and finance leaders need on their teams are changing. People who are comfortable with digital, mobile, cloud, and software-as-a-service technologies are in high demand, as well as people who can see and communicate the big picture these technologies paint. Which is more important? A new survey provides some insight.
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