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What My WSCPA Scholarship Has Meant to Me

by Daniel Thompson, 2014 WSCPA Foundation Scholarship Winner | May 20, 2015

As I look back over the past year, many things have changed in my life. A year ago, I was taking accounting classes on a part time basis and working full time in a different field. I was planning on slowly working toward my accounting degree with the hope of graduating sometime in 2017. However, when I received a Washington CPA Foundation scholarship my plans changed. Four specific events have occurred that are the direct result of that scholarship.

First, the scholarship allowed me to go to school on a full time basis. Prior to this school year, I was working full time as a high school math teacher, and taking classes in the evenings. I enjoyed my time as a teacher and over the years had encouraged many of my students to pursue careers related to mathematics. About four years ago I decided to take my own advice and began exploring the possibility of being an accountant. I began to take a few classes and eventually entered the University of Washington Tacoma in the fall of 2013 as a part time student. Receiving the scholarship gave me the financial security to become a full time student.

Second, by becoming a full time student for this current school year, I will be able to graduate in June of 2015. At the rate I was taking classes before, I’m confident I would not have been able to graduate until 2017 at the earliest.

Third, the scholarship I received was supported by a business headquartered in Tacoma called TrueBlue. At one of the scholarship awards nights, I met the director of accounting for TrueBlue, Karyn Huffman, who presented me with a certificate of accomplishment. A couple of months later, Karyn contacted me and offered me an internship with TrueBlue. The internship lasted about four months and gave me the opportunity to put into practice the concepts I had been learning in my classes.

The fourth event is the culmination of the other three. This past January, after completing my internship, I was offered a position in the accounting department at TrueBlue. After my graduation this June, I will join their accounting staff as a full time employee.

I am very grateful for the Washington CPA Foundation scholarship I received and recognize the large impact it has had on my life. I can confidently say that without this scholarship, I would not be graduating in 2015 and would not have this great job to look forward to.

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A student member of the WSCPA, Daniel Thompson is the 2014 recipient of the TrueBlue Accounting Scholarship through the Washington CPA Foundation.
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