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Standing Out--While Fitting In

by Kimberly D Scott | Jun 01, 2010

If you are looking for work, you may have noticed that the job market is a bit more competitive than it was a couple years back.  What can you do to leverage your skills and talent, without coming across as desperate?  Once you get the job how can you fit into the environment and stand out from your coworkers without having to visit the HR office? 

  • Experts say resumes should be tailored to the job.  It is relatively easy to do nowadays, and if you really do want the job the small amount of time you have to invest should not bother you.
  • Look at how you are stating work history.  Is it a laundry list of things you did, or a showcase of things you accomplished and learned?  You may have processed payroll for 100 people, but what was your accuracy and efficiency?   Did you save the company time or money?
  • Remember to say thank you for the interview. A written note can make you stand out as a polished professional. 

How about tips for recent graduates in their first career related job?

  • Be courteous and realize that even though you know a lot, there is still a lot to learn.  Find someone in the office that you admire, or a position you desire and figure out what skills you would need to be like them.  Ask them for guidance--many coworkers are impressed with the new hire that seeks out their advice.
  • Follow the dress code for the office. In fact dress for the position you want, not just for the one you have. 
  • Manners matter!  Cell phone etiquette, the conversations you have at work, Facebook postings, and gossip can all come back to haunt you.

Obviously there is a lot more advice out in cyberspace. Some of this advice is great, and some you should be cautious about.  This is just a quick list of the top things I hear about.  Do you have any advice for job seekers?

If you are looking for work, go to the career center on this website.  There are job postings, a salary calculator, articles and classes with a local career coach. 

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