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C is for Class and Conversations

by Kimberly D Scott | Aug 24, 2010

I apologize for a delay in posts. Here is C in the A-Z series on etiquette topics.  Look for D (Dinning Taboos) tomorrow!

Class--Class is the ability to make people from all walks of life feel comfortable.  Unfortunately some people mistake class for superiority, others disregard it assuming it is too stuffy and antiquated.   Good Etiquette can give you class. 


This is not about how popular or how beautiful you are, nor how much money you have, or what you do for a living.  True class is about your respect for others.  It can also be the key factor in getting jobs, promotions and or new clients.


Conversations-- I have pages of don’ts and bad examples.  Just remember, good conversations can create lasting relationships and referrals.  Here is a short but powerful list of things to stay away from during business conversations are: money, sex, politics and religion.  Hopefully, you are not wondering what is left to discuss.


Great conversationalists typically have this in common: the desire to communicate, an interest in others, a relaxed but positive attitude, charisma and knowledge.


Here are some helpful hints to help you converse at a business function.  Ask questions (as long as they are not rude or intrusive; inheritances and hairpieces are off limits!), compliment people, speak clearly, have good eye contact and good body language. 


Have a list of topics you feel comfortable discussing.  Some safe topics are: current events, good news, common interests, cultural events, sports and travel. 


It never hurts to keep learning.  Discover new words and incorporate them into your daily language, it will help keep you interesting.


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