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Financial Education Volunteering

by Kelly Neilson, Academic Relations Coordinator | Oct 15, 2013
Financial education is extremely important and needed for people of all ages. As a student you can get involved and volunteer individually, or as a member of a college group. As a volunteer with this program, you can teach financial education to elementary, junior high or high school students with materials provided by the WSCPA. 

If you belong to a college group you can help organize a presentation on campus with a WSCPA member who is a CPA and educate your peers on financial education. These presentations can also be held at non-profits, places of worship, community gatherings, or on campus. This is a great way to give back and get involved with your local community! 

Another great event college accounting clubs can participate in is hosting a financial education symposium with the WSCPA. On the day of the symposium, over 100 high school students come to the university's campus to learn about finances and the accounting profession through speakers and games. Every year universities around the state submit proposals to host the event. This year seven Beta Alpha Psi clubs applied and the WSCPA will choose two universities this week to host the symposia in the spring of 2014. Both the college students and high school students enjoy and benefit from the symposium. The high school students love being on campus, interacting with college students and learning about accounting, budgeting and basic finances. The college students take pride in their university, accounting and leading a great day for the local high school students. 

One can never be too educated when it comes to managing personal finances. As a CPA, you will help others gain a better understanding of these fundamentals and this is an opportunity to practice those skills. Get involved and become an active participate in the WSCPA's Financial Education Program! 

Contact Janet White for more information: Email: Phone: (425) 586-1126. 

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