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5 Tips for Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

by Kelly Neilson, Academic Relations Coordinator | Mar 12, 2014
According to Global Recruiting Roundtable, over 33 million people in the United States are on LinkedIn. This media platform offers a valuable path to professional networking through joined connections and activities. Surprisingly, only 27% of the users are ages 18-34 years old. This statistic shocked me. Despite how active and involved that age group is in social media, this indicates college students and recent graduates might be unaware of the importance of LinkedIn. LinkedIn can help you create connections that can lead to a first job, career advancement or a higher salary. Taking advantage of members only groups like the WSCPA group on LinkedIn can increase your opportunities to make connections and expand your network. 

To help make your experience with LinkedIn more successful follow these 5 tips: 
1. Increase your visibility by adding more people to your LinkedIn profile to expand your network. 
2. Improve your ability to connect by adding more details to your profile like past/current employers, education, affiliations, and activities. 
3. Improve your Google PageRank by creating a public profile and selecting Full View. This allows others to search and view your full profile even if they are not in your circle of connections. 
4. Enhance your search engine results. If you have a blog or website add the links to your profile. 
5. Use LinkedIn's various applications such as Jobs, Groups, Answers, etc. 

The tips listed above should make your involvement with LinkedIn more successful and productive. According to Spread Your Tentacles, an AICPA article on social media, statistics say about 80% of all jobs are never listed or advertised. They get filled because somebody knows somebody. This is the power of networking, so get out there and expand your network both in person and through social media! 

Source: AICPA article, LinkedIn Offers Paths of Career Advancement, by Scott H. Cytron 

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