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Why You Should Attend the Next WSCPA Networking Event

by Michi Tsuji, WSCPA Campus Ambassador, Seattle University | May 20, 2015

Bowling at WSCPA networking eventMy name is Michi, and I am the WSCPA campus ambassador for Seattle University this year. A few weeks ago, I attended my first WSCPA networking event along with a few of my fellow students. I will admit that I was a little nervous beforehand. Would the professionals be friendly? Would the other students have a good time? Would my bowling skills hold up? These worries proved to be nothing more than nervous speculation, because I ended up having an incredible time.

The networking event was held at the Garage, a cool retro bowling alley/bar/billiards hall right across from Seattle University’s campus. When we arrived, we were led downstairs to a spacious private room equipped with private bowling lanes. The event was in full swing when we got there, and everyone was having a great time mingling. My cohorts and I initially stuck together as a source of comfort, but as the evening carried on we spread out and met new people. I was so excited when I saw students bowling on teams with professionals, chatting over a drink and bite to eat, and exchanging business cards. There were even a few professionals we had met during previous networking events put on by our school or firm open houses. While the other events were a great way to meet a lot of new professionals, the Garage event allowed us to get to know them on a more personal level. We were able to have candid conversations about the ups and downs of a service line, and hear the honest truth about what they really did or didn’t like about their jobs. This honest angle is really valuable, and isn’t something you can hear at more formal company- or school-held networking events.

Additionally, I was getting to know these people as more than just professionals. I learned about their families, their hobbies, and their life goals. I have noticed that in interviews or during informational talks, many professionals and recruiters will say firms are looking for multi-faceted people they can spend time with outside of the office. At this event, that was exactly what we were doing. We were bowling together, eating great food, and having a lot of fun in the process.

I administered a survey to the students who attended the event, and found that before the event, some of them didn’t understand the benefits of being a member of a professional society beyond something that would look good on a resume. After the event, all four students who completed my survey said their perception of the WSCPA is better than before, and they all plan on attending future WSCPA events. I am so grateful that the WSCPA provides students this incredible opportunity, and already have the next event on my calendar. The Garage event was a valuable networking experience, and also a very fun night spent with my peers and other professionals. If you haven’t been to a WSCPA networking event yet, don’t miss out!

The next WSCPA networking event will be held at Chihuly Garden & Glass on June 18. Space is limited, so register now!

Michi TsujiMichi Tsuji, WSCPA Campus Ambassador, Seattle University

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