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The Most Difficult Section of the CPA Exam Is...

by Roger CPA Review | Oct 20, 2015

Studying for the CPA Exam as a whole can seem quite challenging, but some candidates find certain sections more difficult than others. According to our recent CPA Industry Survey, 46% of people surveyed believe FAR to be the most difficult section of the CPA Exam.  


Why Does FAR Seem so Difficult?

FAR requires that CPA candidates have a strong knowledge of US GAAP, including concepts and standards for financial statements, typical items in financial statements, specific types of transactions and events, accounting and reporting for governmental entities, and accounting and reporting for nongovernmental and not-for-profit organizations. CPA candidates must also be able to demonstrate the skills needed to apply their financial reporting knowledge required of CPAs.

How to Pass the FAR Exam

  • Give yourself plenty of time to study for FAR. This section, by FAR (get it?), covers a great deal of information and the large volume of material can be overwhelming, so plan ahead by giving yourself enough time to fully digest the material.
  • Don’t just memorize the information; really try to understand the concepts and learn the material. There’s no way to skimp on FAR.
  • Consider adding 3 to 4 mini-study sessions per day to your study schedule by studying during lunch, on breaks, while waiting in line at the grocery store, or early in the morning. Listen to audio lectures or practice IPQs. Adding a few short sessions will help solidify difficult concepts.
  • Don’t give up! Stay on track by managing your time, pushing through tough study sessions, and giving yourself breaks when needed! Remember, discipline is the different between what you want now and what you want most.
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