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    Cross-Border Tax Issues for Inbound Companies

    by Mike Smith, Kyle Dawley, and Jill Boland | Apr 23, 2021
    For many inbound companies, U.S. tax law can present a significant challenge. The decisions made today about global tax structure, financing of U.S. operations, and intercompany transactions can have far-reaching — and sometimes unintended — tax implications. Read on for strategies to help avoid typical pitfalls.
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    Creditworthiness Verifications for Clients Who Received PPP Loans

    by Duncan B. Will | Apr 23, 2021
    Our firm is receiving an uptick in requests from lenders for creditworthiness verifications for clients who received loans under the Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”). How should we respond?
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    Serving in the State of Busyness

    by Jared Theis | Apr 22, 2021
    Many of us serve across our communities, families, and workplaces, and we all do it for different reasons, even out of necessity. A colleague of mine once advised me, “Don’t just pick a cause for your résumé or because you feel compelled to give back. Find something you care about, so you can both benefit from the involvement.”
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    Message to Our Membership

    by Monette Anderson | Apr 22, 2021
    We are more than 12 months into a pandemic that has upended the CPA profession in a way that did not seem fathomable at the beginning of 2020. While this time has been filled with uncertainty, new challenges, and drastic shifts in the tools and ways in which we work, our CPA community continues to show incredible strength and resilience as we adapt to the new normal.
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    7 of the Most Common Expense Scams (and how to stop them)

    by Barbara Doane | Apr 22, 2021
    Most employees are inherently honest. They realize that the risk of imperiling their career over a couple of hundred more dollars in their pocket isn’t worth it. However, a small section (about five percent, studies show) of your employees don’t agree. They maybe feel entitled, aggrieved, or simply think they can get away with it.
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