Get Confidential Feedback on Your Financial Statements

by WSCPA | Jun 24, 2021

The WSCPA Financial Statement Review Committee offers this valuable service to members, free of charge.

The committee is made up of WSCPA members, volunteering to provide confidential reviews. The reviews are like an internal review on financial statements for practitioners. Whether you’re a sole practitioner and want a second pair of eyes, want to help train accounting staff with some external help, or just want more feedback, the committee will perform the review and prepare written feedback.

The process is straightforward. You’ll remove sensitive information from the financial statements, and then submit them in PDF format, along with a brief submission form to help guide the committee members in their review. 

Submit the form and upload files here.

Once the committee receives your redacted statement(s), committee members will review and provide feedback (a completed feedback form with the marked-up version of the statement) to the WSCPA, and they will be returned to you. The entire process should be completed in 3 weeks.



Can any member of the WSCPA submit statements for review? - Yes

Is there a limit on the number of times I can request reviews? - Yes, to keep the services manageable for volunteers, please limit your submissions to one set of statements per quarter.

Committee Membership

Can I join the committee? - Yes, we’re still looking for volunteers!

What is the time commitment if I join? - One phone meeting per month, and review time for statements as needed.

Who should I contact at the WSCPA if I want to join? Contact Daniel Fleming via email or call 425.586.1130.

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