CPE Each and Every Year – 20-hour Minimum Annual Requirement

by WSCPA | Sep 14, 2022
Time is Running Out Buy CPE

Here we are again – post-renewal time for the 2022 renewal crowd. You made it! You are renewed for another 3 years – nicely done! But just because your renewal is complete, doesn’t mean that your business with the Board is done for the year.

Remember you must complete at least 20 hours of CPE by the end of the year. This goes for all licensed CPAs – not just those of you who renewed this year. The minimum annual CPE requirement is 20 hours per year with an overall requirement of 120 hours, including a Washington State Board approved ethics course.

Keep in mind, instruction credit hours for a qualifying CPE or college course do not qualify towards the minimum annual requirement, nor do CPE hours earned for authorship of published articles, books, or other publications relevant to the profession. While these hours may count towards your overall CPE requirement, your minimum annual requirement must be met as a student of a program qualifying for CPE credit.

Published with permission of the Washington State Board of Accountancy.

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