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    Taking an Innovative Approach to Communication in the Corporate World

    by Peter A. Margaritis | Mar 16, 2016
    What makes a company or corporation great? What is it that makes them truly stand out among their competitors? It is by using an innovative approach to the way they communicate with the clients and with each other during the day to day inner workings. And that innovative approach is found in the principles of improvisation to promote a simpler, more effective way to work as a team. Improv is more than standup comedy. At its foundation, improv is about leadership.
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    How to Say No Without Burning Bridges

    by Monette Anderson | Mar 15, 2016
    Conventional wisdom for new professionals advises that to get to the top you should always be available to take on extra projects, to work harder than the person on your left and smarter than the person on your right. Working hard is an admirable quality and honoring one’s commitments is important—we’re not suggesting otherwise.
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  • "More" vs. "More effective" Communication

    by Jen Mueller | Mar 02, 2016
    More is better. That’s what we’ve been trained to believe in business. Have a problem? Throw more at it until it’s fixed. More time. More money. More resources. It shouldn’t be a surprise, then, that most business professionals assume “more” improves communication too. They use more words, spend more time talking and engage in more conversations all in an effort to become better communicators. Those tactics rarely work.
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  • Professional Issues: Changes on the Horizon

    by William A. Simer, CPA | Feb 03, 2016
    During the past several months, members of the WSCPA Board of Directors and professional staff have visited the Society’s chapters throughout the state to present professional issues updates. It has been great to renew old friendships, and make new ones, with colleagues that we’ve met and to see the chapters’ work in action. If you haven’t been able to attend an update in your chapter area, here are some highlights.
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  • Setting Professional Goals for 2016

    by Monette Anderson | Jan 13, 2016
    This year when you sit down to think about your personal resolutions, do you plan on spending any time setting your professional goals? You may be mentally checking this off if you do this as part of your company’s annual performance appraisal, but put down that imaginary red pen and really think about it...
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