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    The CPA Migration: What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

    by Sean Stein Smith, CPA | Dec 13, 2016
    The CPA profession is undergoing a radical transformation. Words like disruption and innovation are working their ways into the accounting conversation to a degree that we didn’t see previously, and this shift will undoubtedly have profound effects on the profession. Are you ready?
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    How You Can Help Award Over $250,000 in Accounting Scholarships

    by User Not Found | Nov 16, 2016
    Do you want to help give away $250,000 in scholarships? Are you interested in helping students achieve their dream of becoming a CPA? If so, please consider volunteering your time and talent to be part of the review team for the 2017 Accounting Scholarships offered by the Washington CPA Foundation and the Washington Society of CPAs.
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    CPA Profession: You’ve Changed a Lot in 40 Years

    by Rich Jones, CPA, CGMA | Nov 15, 2016
    As I prepare to retire next year after 40+ years in the CPA profession, it gives me cause to think back about how things have changed in our profession. I am sure all of our Baby Boomer members will recognize these changes and will think of many more of them than I will recall. Where to start...
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    What I Learned by Starting the CPA Exam as a Student

    by Peter Erickson | Oct 24, 2016
    When Peter Erickson, the WSCPA's student ambassador at Western Washington University, was unable to secure an internship in 2015, he set out to achieve something few attempt: Start passing the CPA Exam while still a student. Read more about his experience.
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    4 Tips to Keep Your Résumé Out of the Reject Pile

    by Monette Anderson | Oct 24, 2016
    Students, it’s recruiting season! Are you wondering how you can make your resume stand out in a sea of applicants? Use these four tips to turn drab resume bullet points into meaningful previews of the value you could add to a firm or company.
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