WSCPA Announces New Student Member Type: CPA Candidate

by WSCPA | Mar 19, 2021

Effective immediately, the WSCPA has made a change to our student membership types and eligibility. We will now break student memberships into the following two types:

Student – Student

You are eligible to join the WSCPA as a Student Member if you are an accounting student and plan to sit for the Uniform CPA exam when eligible.

Student – CPA Candidate

This new member type replaces the Student – Exam Passer member type. If you are a current Exam Passer member who is not yet licensed, nothing changes except that your membership type will now appear as Student – CPA Candidate on our website and in our communication. This category is now open to individuals who have either graduated from college or have applied to sit in the 6-month exam window while still in college, and are actively working towards CPA licensure.

Additional Info

The annual dues for both types will remain at $40, and both types will continue to enjoy the same member benefits. WSCPA has always maintained that you are a Student member until you can write CPA after your name. Our intent with this category change is to clarify eligibility and reduce confusion. We also think that as a post-graduate student working toward your CPA, you deserve a more distinct title that better reflects your professional status. Be sure to update your resume with this new member distinction and join our new CPA Exam Accelerator Resource Group to get your Lucky CPA Exam Socks!

We will send communications around dues renewal to help you get transferred to the right category, but you are welcome to switch your membership type from Student to CPA Candidate now, if you are eligible. Just reach us by phone, email, or online chat.

What Other Students Have Said About Their Memberships

“I am grateful to the WSCPA for connecting me with the resources to be a successful student and professional—all because of generous scholarships and my WSCPA student membership. I can’t thank you enough, WSCPA!"
—Connor Airis
"I believe students should get involved because the WSCPA opens students to a lot of opportunities such as mentorship, career and networking. I was fortunate enough to meet mentors at the WSCPA who have become a part of my family, they have been there every step of the way and I intend to nurture these relationships even after I pass the CPA exam and start my career. The first time I attended the scholarship banquet was my first networking experience ever, and as I continued attending WSCPA events my networking skills improved. Thanks to everyone at the WSCPA who made me feel welcome."
—Natalie Murumbi
"I came to the USA with a great vision for my future, but I was all alone. Therefore, I started searching for guidance and a family that will not only accompany me in my journey as a young person, but also teach me how to reach my academic and career goals. I found that family in the Washington Society of CPA’s and they are inspiring me to serve people the same way I was helped."
—Medie Luzemba

If you have questions about this membership type please reach out to our Student Outreach and Initiatives Coordinator Benjamin Warren via email.

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