Contribute to the Washington CPA Foundation. Make more dreams a reality. Share the pride of your profession. Show your support for students, the profession and the public. 

Contribute $250 or more and you will be a part of the Washington CPA Foundation Circle. 

Foundation Contributor           Level Contribution  
Supporting Contributor               $1-$99
Senior Contributor          $100-$249
Leaders Circle          $250-$499
Executives Circle          $500-$999
Senior Executives Circle        $1000-$2499
Chairman's Circle                 $2500+

The Washington CPA Foundation thanks those who have contributed to the Foundation in the past year: 

Chairman's Circle ($2500 +):
Ms Tracy L White, SPHR
Senior Executives Circle ($1000 - $2499):
Mr Robert L Bunting
Mr Christopher W. Hesse, CPA
Executives Circle ($500 - $999):
Ms Pat L. Bohan, CPA,CGMA,CGFM
Ms Jolene G. Cox, CPA
Ms Jacqueline L. Davidson, CPA,CGMA
Mr Richard E. Jones, CPA,CGMA
Ms Kris L Lambright, CPA
Mr Moses Man, CPA
Mr David D. Schelert, CPA
Mr William A. Simer, CPA
Leaders Circle ($250 - $499):
Ms Diane Bingaman, CPA
Mr Justin A. Bourn, CPA
Mr Thomas G. Donaghy, CPA
Mr Scott E. Eschbach
Ms Christina J. Gehrke, CPA,CIA,CrFA
Mr Mark Alan Hugh, CPA
Mr Brett James Jordan, CPA,CGMA,CIA,CFSA
Mr Lowel J. Krueger, CPA,MBA
Mr Glenn M Light
Gerhard G Mueller, PhD
Ms Diane Pietrowski, CPA
Ms Rhonda S. Powell, CPA
Mr Bill Reed, CGMA
Ms Kimberly D Scott, CAE
Mr Thomas J. Sulewski, CPA
Mr Jared M. Theis, CPA
Mr Ronald L. Tilden, MBA
Mr Edward C Wartelle, CPA
Mr Hayden B. Williams, CPA,CGMA
Senior Contributor ($100 - $249):
Ms Erica Marie Ash, CPA,MBA
Mr Robert W Ash
Mark A Avitt, CPA
Ms Dawn Esther Beck, CPA
Mr Michael C. Berry, CPA,CFP
Mr Sidney H. Boles, CPA
Ms Adele Brady Bolson, CPA
Mr Wayne R Borkowski, MBA
Mr Kai F. Bottomley, CPA
Ms Suzanne C. Chaille, CPA
Ms Amanda Yiwen Chang, CPA,MSTax
Mr Roger F. Clark, CPA
Mr Robert M. Cole, Jr, CPA,CGMA,MA
Mr Craig Stephen Connell, CPA
Mr Jay F Cramer
Ms Bonnie Lynn Curran, CPA
Ms Carol Elaine Didier, CPA
Mr Leon F. Ficker, CPA
Mr Daniel W. Fisher, CGMA
Mr Joseph R. Forde, CPA
Mr Robert L Gerth
Mr Brian G. Gosline, CPA,JD
Mr Charles E. Hallett, IV, CPA,CGMA
Mr Gregg D. Jordshaugen
Mr Michael J. Kander, CPA,CIA
Mr Gary P. Kirchner, CPA
Ms Terri L Kitto
Mr Antonio M Laliberte, JD
Mr Donald W. Luby, CPA
Mr Sam Sam Martin, CPA,MBA,CFP
Ms Lillian Leslie McDonell, CPA,MBA
Mr Louis H. Mills, CPA
Ms Sandra J. Moss, CPA
Mr Terence V O'Keefe
Ms Molly M Philopant
Ms Sharon Kay Philpott, CPA
Ms Julleen J. Snyder, CPA,CGMA
Mr Terry D. Sodders, CPA
Ms Cynthia Jo Spencer, CPA,CGMA
Ms Gayle Ann Stetson, CPA
Ms Rebecca Beryl Stevens, CPA
Mr Michael D. Sweeney, CPA
Mr Edward D. Thomas, CPA
Mr Robert A. Underhill, CPA,JD
Mr William Lloyd Wells

Please see the list of supporting contributors and the list of Founding Circle members.


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