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    So Many Great People, So Little Time

    by Tom G. Donaghy, CPA | Apr 24, 2018
    As his year as Board Chair comes to a close,Tom shares his thoughts about the opportunity he had to serve such an amazing organization. A very busy year, with a new CEO who took charge immediately and developed a challenging new strategic plan with the help of numerous Society members, professional consultants, immediate staff, and current board members.
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    New WSCPA Purpose Statement and Strategic Plan: Stimulating Change and Progress

    by Kimberly Scott, CAE | Apr 24, 2018
    Last summer, as the WSCPA Board of Directors and staff embarked on a journey to create a new strategic plan, we started by contemplating purpose, and asking “Why is the WSCPA here?” Although we didn’t finalize a purpose statement right away, we did agree that member focus is the core of the WSCPA’s purpose.
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    Spring 2018 Crossword Puzzle

    by WSCPA | Apr 24, 2018
    Do you like crossword puzzles? The WSCPA is continuing a new fun section! Read on and find the solution to the newest puzzle in The Washington CPA.
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    Meet the Nominees for the 2018-19 WSCPA Board of Directors!

    by The WSCPA Board of Directors | Apr 23, 2018
    The Board of Directors is pleased to announce the nominees for the Society's 2018-19 Board of Directors. All nominees will be declared elected by the secretary at the annual meeting unless other nominations, supported by at least one percent of membership, are received by April 1, 2018.
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    Washington Women in Accounting

    by Cheryl Meyer | Apr 23, 2018
    Women represent only 22% of partners in public accounting firms nationwide and fall short of men in obtaining equity ownership, according to the 2017 CPA Firm Gender Survey, a national study conducted by the Women’s Initiatives Executive Committee of the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA). Public accounting firms in Washington State mirror the national average, give or take a few percentage points.
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