What My Membership Means to Me: Michi Tsuji

by Michi Tsuji | May 11, 2016
Michi Tsuji

With my senior year coming to an end, I have been spending some time reflecting on the past year, and my Seattle University experience as a whole. In the true spirit of accounting, I will be coming back for two quarters next year (the countdown to 225 is very real), but there is something meaningful nonetheless about concluding senior year of college. These last two years have been by far the most influential in terms of shaping my future - I became an officer of Beta Alpha Psi, held my first accounting internship, and began exploring what a career in accounting could look like by becoming a member and campus ambassador for the WSCPA. I never could have anticipated the impact that the latter would have on my trajectory.

By joining the WSCPA, I have been able to go bowling with local professionals, learn about communication from a sports broadcast journalist, and hone my soft skills by organizing events on campus with the WSCPA. Above all, I have grown my network, and simultaneously experienced how small the accounting profession is. At every networking event I go to, from firm-sponsored events to BAP conferences across the country, I can count on recognizing a face from the WSCPA network. I have come to learn that the accounting professionals in the WSCPA are not only great role models, but are also determined to give back to the profession. This is clear in the way they are eager to meet students like myself and share the wisdom that they have built throughout their unique careers. This unspoken but very evident support has played a major role in shaping my confidence as I go out and make the step from student to professional.

There is no greater example of the giving nature of the WSCPA than the generous accounting scholarships, which I was fortunate enough to be a recipient of this year. The scholarship is a true symbol of the high-fives and words of encouragement from the profession to the students, and both the financial and personal support wouldn’t have been possible without the inclusive and giving culture that the WSCPA has elevated among local professionals. I have been inspired by this commitment to service and am determined to give the sort of support I received to future students by continuing my involvement with the WSCPA beyond graduation. Until that happy moment of commencement however, I look forward to attending more WSCPA events with the same eagerness and excitement I had when I first became a member.

Thank you to the members of the WSCPA who have all had a significant impact in my life. Thank you for all that you do for the students of the profession. I know I don’t speak alone when I say I am grateful for all of the continuous support that you have given to us all. Cheers!

Michiru Tsuji is the Seattle University Campus Ambassador for the WSCPA.

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