The Power of the CPAPAC

by Ashley Kittrell | Oct 18, 2017

As the only representative for CPAs in Olympia, advocacy is a central aspect of what the WSCPA does, and a large part of that is accomplished through the CPA Political Action Committee (CPAPAC). So why should you contribute? And what difference does it make? CPAPAC Chairman Bill Simer answers those questions.

Learn more about the CPAPAC here, and consider making a contribution.

"The Power of the CPAPAC" Video Transcript

When you think about value propositions, advocacy is one of the greatest values that your membership at the WSCPA provides. And that comes through the WSCPA Political Action Committee, or the WSCPA PAC as we call it.

We’ve sent out your annual renewal letters with the dues check-off, and most of us give that to our firm administrator, and that check-off never gets done to support the PAC. So we’re going to be coming to you this year and asking you for your support, because our work is so valuable.

We have developed relationships with members of the Legislature and we’ve reached out to members who have relationships with members of the Legislature. And it has made us particularly effective; when you’re in Olympia giving testimony on a bill and you already have an established relationship because of the work that we and our members have done, it just makes you so much more effective.

And that translates into things like the scholarship fund that we’ve been able to work with the Legislature and the State Board of Accountancy to take excess funds that were in the Board of Accountancy’s account and move them over to a scholarship fund.

It translates into protecting you from higher B&O tax rates and sales tax on professional services as well as being able to bring changes into the State Board of Accountancy Act to the Legislature and successfully pass them.

We have a great relationship, as I’ve said, and that only exists because of the support from our members, from you, providing funding for the PAC that we can then go out and put to work in the State.

So, I’m asking you today, as you think about the piece of mail that you’re likely going to get in the next few weeks, to ask you to make a contribution, to say “yes,” and to contribute generously. You’ll be happy you did.

Feeling inspired? Make your contribution here.

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