WSCPA Course Materials Are Going Digital

by Lois Swenson-Grudt | Dec 07, 2017

You’re a CPA—you get it. You understand about looking to the bottom line. At the WSCPA we strive to keep our costs under control, yet still bring you the quality continuing education from industry leaders that you’ve come to expect from us. As the cost of doing business continues to rise we have had to look for ways to reduce some of our costs so that we can continue to offer our seminars and conferences at a reasonable price.

Beginning on January 1, 2018, the WSCPA will no longer be providing printed materials for classes, seminars, or conferences. Rather we will email you the materials in a PDF the day prior to your class or conference. You can then download the materials to your favorite device—we will have plenty of outlets at all of our events to ensure that you don’t run out of power.

If you decide that you would still like to have printed materials, you can order them for an additional cost. Just choose “printed manual” when you register and a printing fee will automatically be added to your total class price. You must pre-order printed materials as we will only print the number of books for which we have pre-orders.

The default will be electronic materials. Printed materials must be ordered and paid for in advance.

We realize that this may cause some angst and confusion—as change always does. But change also embraces progress and opportunity (and in this case, just think about all the extra room on your bookshelf for your favorite knickknack collection!). We hope that you will continue to change with us while continuing to look to us for quality continuing education.

Lois Swenson-Grudt headshotLois Swenson-Grudt is Director of Education for the Washington Society of CPAs. You can contact her at




  1. 2 David Dierst 08 Dec
    Will there be hyperlinks from the index to the various sections of the materials?
  2. 1 Lois Swenson-Grudt, WSCPA Director of Education 14 Dec
    Thanks for your question, David. We’re still working out the details related to bookmarks, but we’ll let you know once we have that all figured out.

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