What Superpower Do You Need?

by Jen Mueller | Feb 27, 2018
super power flying

It takes superhero talent to work as hard as you do, and yet there’s probably one or two superpowers you’d like to have to make your life easier. A recent survey of WSCPA members showed that time-sucking commutes are a frustrating part of the day. Time in the car is something that could be reduced, or even eliminated, with a single superpower.

Kim Nelson, CPA, the Director of Finance at Vehrs Distributing, Inc., sums it up best, “I want to fly.” Her Spokane colleague Joe Smith, CPA, CGMA, agrees. Smith is the Chief Financial Officer at Gonzaga University, and would love to reduce his commute while taking in the sights.

“I think flying would be pretty incredible,” says Smith, who’s been a WSCPA member since 2003. “The opportunity to view things from above gives a whole new perspective and it sure would be nice to not have to sit in traffic.”

Yearly studies show Americans spend more time than ever stuck in traffic, and those trends aren’t likely to see a reversal anytime soon. Unless Molly Andler, a CPA at Christensen King PC in Kennewick, sees her wish come true and she’s able to get from Point A to Point B by teleporting.

The concern on the mind of Stephanie Artino, CPA, owner of Artino Advisory Group PS in Bellingham, is knowing what’s on your mind.

“I think I’d pick telepathy,” Artino says of the superpower she’d like to have. “So that I can fill in the blanks for what isn’t said but what is on people’s minds.”

Hillary Whittington, CPA, Chief Financial Officer at Jefferson Healthcare in Port Townsend, wishes she wasn’t so in tune with the things on her mind. The superpower she needs is the ability to recharge.

“I want to fall asleep immediately,” Whittington says. “With a busy schedule, I don’t get a lot of quiet thinking time. My mind tends to take advantage of the quiet at night to do just that, and consider possible directions different projects could take.”

Whether it’s falling asleep faster or flying over traffic, what’s the superpower you’d like to have? Consider posing the question to your colleagues to learn more about them and maybe to commiserate about spending too much time in the car.

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