New WSCPA Strategic Plan: How Will it Affect You?

by WSCPA | Aug 13, 2018

wscpa_strategic_initiatives_circlesBe on the lookout over the next few years for the following updates to WSCPA programs and services as the new strategic plan is implemented.


Your peers can relate to your challenges and offer insightful perspectives throughout your professional journey. Our goal is to help you connect with fellow professionals on a deeper level than ever before, with expanded options for reaching out with new resource groups, more free networking events, and keeping in touch via technology tools. As the strategic plan is implemented, you will be able to:

Connect with fellow members who work in your area with new resource groups.

New resource groups will allow you to connect and discuss shared challenges and successes with other professionals in your area, such as not-for-profit, international taxation, and CFO.

Committees are also being restructured and renamed, as appropriate to more accurately reflect specific group goals.

Meet other members in your area by attending one of five free Members’ Receptions.

In addition to the Puget Sound Reception in Kirkland (August 16), new Members’ Receptions will be held in Bellingham (November 8), Spokane (September 26), Tacoma (August 15), and Yakima (September 27).

Make new connections and strengthen existing ones via a new online member community.

In conjunction with new resource groups, a new online member community will provide a forum for you to share ideas, ask and respond to questions alongside fellow members.

Earn points for all the ways you’re involved in the WSCPA with a new member reward program.

Rack up points and earn rewards for attending WSCPA networking or CPE events, participating in resource groups, and much more.

Enhance your leadership skills and help your staff acquire essential soft skills with a new video resource library.

New leadership development and soft skill videos will share tips for expanding your network, polishing your business development skills, and refining your leadership acumen.

Students will have access to tips for passing the CPA exam and exploring career options.


Today’s rapid pace of change requires a commitment to lifelong learning in order to stay current and competitive. Simply fulfilling licensing requirements for the sake of checking a box will not provide you with the skills demanded of today’s competitive marketplace. Our goal is to provide timely CPE programs that keep you informed of the latest hot topics and grow your skills, while providing flexible CPE formats that fit your demanding schedule.

New educational opportunities include the Prix Fixe CPE Series (formerly known as the Lunchtime Learning Series), which provides a package of free and low-cost CPE in one-hour webinars. In addition, in the future you will be able to:

Take continuing professional education that is certified by NASBA.

WSCPA educational programs are now certified by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA). This allows you to use our CPE to meet educational requirements in other states. NASBA certification also allows the WSCPA to expand its educational offerings to other financial professionals, such as Enrolled Agents.

Take CPE at the exact moment that you want to learn with online self-study programs.

The Lunchtime Learning/Prix Fixe CPE Series of one-hour webinars has been so well received during the last year, that we’re working on offering those programs as one-hour self study.

Access practical, focused CPE via on-demand, nano-learning videos.

In the coming months, the Washington State Board of Accountancy will be considering whether to approve nano-learning, 10-minute increments of CPE. In the meantime, we are developing on-demand, self-study in 10-minute increments.

Find more opportunities to tailor your learning experience and grow your network at updated conferences.

Look for larger, multi-track conferences on a wider range of topics. Some conferences may be combined, while others will get a facelift to provide CPE on a broader range of topics.


Now more than ever, new laws or regulations have the potential to disrupt the accounting profession. The WSCPA fulfills its most important role as our advocacy team monitors proposed legislation, provides feedback to lawmakers on issues that affect the profession, and strives to ensure that the Washington State Board of Accountancy stays independent and effective. Successful advocacy and sound policy require a collective, collaborative effort, and with your help, we will continue providing just that.

Take advantage of new ways to get involved and stay informed of advocacy developments, as the WSCPA continues to work with state legislators on issues that potentially affect the profession.

Engage with your legislators with Hill Day and Key Contact Program. Get involved with the Government Affairs Committee.

Learn about local and national issues while participating in Hill Day in Olympia on January 17, 2019. Legislators want to hear from their constituents and base many of their decisions on their feedback. This makes Hill Day, a new opportunity to meet face-to-face with legislators and discuss issues that affect the CPA profession, an essential component of the WSCPA advocacy program.

If you already know your legislator or have an interest in advocacy, step up to become a key contact. The voice of the profession in Olympia requires identifying member CPAs who will build key relationships with legislators in every district.

The new Government Affairs Committee will be another opportunity if you have an interest in getting involved in the WSCPA’s advocacy efforts.

Show your support for the profession and advance advocacy initiatives by contributing to the CPAPAC.

In order to ensure key contributions to political campaigns can be made this year, consider contributing to the CPAPAC. The CPAPAC will be focused on growing contributions during the coming year.

Assist in promoting the profession to students.

By leveraging the Washington CPA Foundation’s scholarship program, the WSCPA will continue promoting the profession to students and plans to award over $360,000 in scholarships.

Stay informed of the latest advocacy news.

Find the most current news and advocacy resources through the All Things Advocacy blog and new Advocacy Newsletter.

This article appeared in the summer 2018 issue of the WashingtonCPA Magazine. Read more here.

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