State Treasurer Releases Financial Education Resources

by Ashley Kittrell | Jan 10, 2019

State Treasurer Duane Davidson recently released a new online educational resource that offers a wide array of financial information for both adults and teenagers in Washington. Users can explore six different modules including home ownership, college savings and payment, and retirement planning.

Within the college savings and retirement modules, there are savings opportunities for state residents. Brenda Snyder, Director of Financial Literacy, explained that “the college savings modules inform users of both the need for college savings as well as the benefits of 529 plans and then users are given an opportunity to visit the WA529 website to learn more about Washington’s DreamAhead 529 savings plan as well as the GET Prepaid Tuition plan.“

“The retirement modules follow a similar model with directing users to Washington’s Small Business Retirement Marketplace as an avenue for retirement savings should they not have plans available directly through their employers. The marketplace is a relatively new program launched through the Department of Commerce and is designed to give small business owners an opportunity to offer retirement plans to their employees as well as individuals to open their own.”

“Essentially,” Snyder concludes, “these modules offer quick information and then connection to opportunities that users may not be aware of as they begin to put the information into practice in their own finances.”

The news release from State Treasurer Duane Davidson’s office is below:

January 7, 2019


OLYMPIA, WA – State Treasurer Duane Davidson has recently launched a series of online educational modules to provide quick and easy access to financial education topics for adults and teens throughout Washington. 

Treasurer Davidson collaborated with Everfi, a Washington D.C. based educational tech firm, to implement the modules for Washingtonians which include access to specific savings opportunities for state residents. 

Treasurer Davidson recognizes that the New Year is often seen as a fresh start and wants to encourage Washingtonians to make resolutions to improve their financial situations.  He stated, “I believe financial education is the foundation of financial success and want to make sure that all Washingtonians have a resource to understand basic financial concepts in a concise and easy way and these modules provide that”. 

Since taking office in January 2017, Treasurer Davidson has been a proponent of expanding financial education in the community. By partnering with multiple state agencies and non-profit organizations who are also actively promoting financial literacy throughout the state, Treasurer Davidson is confident that Washington will emerge as a leader among states in this arena.  

The modules can be accessed in both English and Spanish, and found at

For more information on financial education, please contact Brenda Snyder, Director of Financial Literacy at

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