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    IRS Releases Guidance on Section 199A

    by Ashley Kittrell | Aug 08, 2018
    Tax practitioners have been waiting for guidance from the IRS regarding the qualified business income deduction section since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was passed last fall. This morning, regulations for Section 199A have been released.
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    Advocacy at Work: The Greatest Bill in the History of Great Bills

    by Ashley Kittrell | Aug 07, 2018
    Despite what Schoolhouse Rock would have you believe, passing legislation is not an easy task. Bracing from a long 2017 session that lasted 105 days and three additional special sessions each 30 days long, the legislature prepared itself for 60 days of nonstop activity, fearing another ominous series of special sessions if they failed to pass supplemental budgets and resolve key issues such as McCleary and Hirst.
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    Member Profile: Abby Sanders, CPA

    by Cory Wilmarth, Assistant Editor | Aug 02, 2018
    Abby Sanders, CPA, is a sole practitioner and active roller derby enthusiast. She first got her start in roller derby in February of 2015. Though she barely knew how to skate at the time, Abby was inspired to join her local team, the Wine Country Crushers, after watching them play. Read more about this inspiring life practice.
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    Achieving Business Agility: Why Tech and People Work Best Together

    by Ash Noah, CPA, CGMA | Aug 01, 2018
    For businesses today, change is not an option. Customer expectations, the fast pace of innovation and the competitive, complex business environment require organizations to be agile. They need to make decisions and act on them quickly.
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    2017 - 2018 Annual Awards

    by WSCPA | Aug 01, 2018
    Every year, the WSCPA recognizes individuals and businesses for making a difference in their communities, providing outstanding service, dedication, or leadership to advance the accounting profession and the Society. See who received these awards for the 2017-2018 year and find out how to submit a nomination for the 2018-2019 year.
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