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    Not-For-Profit Financial Reporting: It’s Time for a Change

    by Julleen Snyder, CPA | Nov 08, 2017
    FASB has issued Accounting Standards Update No. 2016-14 Not-for-Profit Entities, the first major change to financial reporting for not-for-profits since 1993. Time for old and young dogs to learn a few new tricks. Are you ready?
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    The Pace of Change vs. The Pace of Acceptance

    by Tom G. Donaghy, CPA | Nov 08, 2017
    Will robots ever completely replace the services of the CPA, attorney, or financial advisor? Won't there always be a need for advice, interpretation, and human interaction?
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    Understanding What Members Value

    by Kimberly Scott | Nov 08, 2017
    Membership organizations all over the nation are facing challenges, everything from attracting and retaining members to providing valuable member benefits to diverse groups of members. Just like any other business, the WSCPA needs to listen to members and adapt to address your changing needs and the marketplace.
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    The Future of the Foundation

    by Kimberly Scott | Nov 08, 2017
    During the past couple of years the trustees of the Washington CPA Foundation have been dreaming of the future, exploring the role of the Foundation. Obviously much has changed since the Foundation was formed in 1974 to provide scholarships to deserving accounting students in Washington State, but scholarships have remained the Foundation’s focus. Should the Foundation continue to raise funds to meet the demand of scholarships, or should the Foundation focus on other challenges?
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    Advocacy’s Greatest Asset

    by Ashley Kittrell | Nov 08, 2017
    There is no doubt that technology is changing the business world as we know it including the accounting profession. Cloud-based software and technologies have transformed accounting programs and practices. In a continuously changing profession, your participation continues to be the most valuable aspect of the WSCPA’s advocacy strategy.
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