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    6 Tips for Marketing Yourself Outside of Traditional Financial Services

    by Lindsay Patterson, CAE | Jan 07, 2019
    While CPA firms are quickly advancing beyond traditional financial services, public perception of what CPAs do hasn’t moved quite as fast. So, if your firm is moving beyond tax and audit, how can you grow an audience that recognizes you for your emerging service line?
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    A New Year, A New You

    by Kimberly Scott, CAE | Jan 07, 2019
    In a world where so much is happening so quickly, it is imperative as business leaders and trusted advisors that we continue to challenge ourselves, learn, and develop new skills. One of the best pieces of advice I received when I became a leader is the importance of taking time to reflect and plan.
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    Cybersecurity: A Primer for Accounting and Finance Professionals

    by Kirsten Duke, CPA, CGMA | Jan 07, 2019
    Cybersecurity is a challenge all companies and individuals face today. As an accounting and finance professional, you have the opportunity to become a trusted cybersecurity advisor within your organization and/or to your clients. It is critical for all organizations to manage cyber risks to ensure the security of their and their clients’ data.
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    Register Now for Hill Day 2019

    by Jeanette Kebede | Dec 18, 2018
    Join your fellow members for the most important advocacy event of the year--Hill Day 2019. Learn about current issues facing the CPA profession on both a national and state level and meet with your legislator.
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    New Guidance on the Evaluation of Non-compliance with the Risk Assessment Standards and its Peer Review Impact

    by AICPA | Dec 14, 2018
    The Peer Review Board approved a new section to PRPM 3100 entitled, “Evaluation of Noncompliance with the Risk Assessment Standards,” effective for reviews commencing on or after October 1, 2018 through reviews commencing on or before September 30, 2021. Early implementation is permitted at the peer reviewer’s discretion.
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