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    Getting Started with Subscription Pricing

    by L. Gary Boomer, CPA, CITP, CGMA | Jan 17, 2020
    The business model of CPA firms is being transformed by technology. For decades, the CPA firm business model has been “effort determines value.” Now, we need to look for a more subjective value model that allows for different levels of service.
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    Putting Together the Tax Puzzle

    by Chris Hesse, CPA | Jan 17, 2020
    Some people believe that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) was the biggest tax reform since 1986. Big is a subjective term, but I can confidently assert that the TCJA is a more difficult tax reform to implement than the 1986 Tax Reform Act (TRA) says Chris Hesse, CPA, Chair of the AICPA Tax Executive Committee and Tax Advisors Update Instructor.
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    CPA Exam Topics Undergoing Change for Digital Age

    by Ken Tysiac | Jan 15, 2020
    Changes in the work performed by newly-licensed CPAs have the AICPA embarking on a focused practice analysis to determine what material should be tested on the CPA Exam — and what material no longer needs to be assessed. Advances in technology, data analytics, and process automation have led to changes in the skills required of newly-licensed CPAs, according to research by the AICPA Examinations team.
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    The Undeniable Value of Soft Skills

    by Amanda O'Rourke, CPA | Jan 15, 2020
    As CPAs we are known more for our technical skills, instead of our soft skills. Good customer service and the development of soft skills doesn’t happen overnight. It requires a commitment to lifelong learning and going outside of the accountant’s stereotypical comfort zone—regularly. Find out what the LATTE sequence is and how it can help in serving clients and working with your team.
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    Five Ways to Get CAS Clients

    by Hitendra Patil | Jan 13, 2020
    CPA Trendlines conducted a survey in June 2019 entitled “Client Accounting Services: Trends, Issues, and Opportunities.” More than 8,000 accountants responded to the initial survey, of which 90 percent were decision-makers at their firms. This survey is the latest illustration that CAS are a must-offer, profitable new revenue segment for your firm. And if you’re already offering CAS, you might want to enhance it.
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