WSCPA Administration

The Washington Society of CPAs maintains staff and technical reviewers to assist you with peer review matters. In addition, there are talented WSCPA Peer Review Committee members available for consultation.

You may contact the following individuals to request the assistance you need:

WSCPA Peer Review Information
Julie Phipps, WSCPA Manager of Practice Quality, 425.586.1132
Hayden Williams, WSCPA CFO, CPA on Staff, 425.586.1134

Harry Bose, Technical Reviewer (System Reviews only), 541.276.2693
Kai Bottomley, Technical Reviewer, 425.453.9192
John Fisher, Technical Reviewer, 509.961.3569
Gloria Roberts, Technical Reviewer, 314.434.9850
Wende Wadsworth, Technical Reviewer (Engagement Reviews only), 425.629.1926

Susan Paulsen, Peer Review Executive Committee Chair, 425.489.3416
Lillian McDonell, Peer Review System Committee Chair, 206.489.1700
Eric Anderson, Peer Review Engagement Committee Chair, 425.257.0371

Washington Society of CPAs Contact Information
902 140th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98005-3480
425.586.1132 or

AICPA Contact Information

  • PRIMA Assistance Monday-Friday, 8:00am-8:00pm ET
    • Firms help using PRIMA, 919.402.4502, press 1
    • Reviewer help using PRIMA, 919.402.4502, press 2
  • Peer Review Assistance
    • Help related to standards, guidance and/or the peer review process (non-PRIMA related questions), 919.402.4502, press 3
    • Help related to whether a firm appropriately applied authoritative guidance, Issue Advisory Hotline 919.402.4502, press 4