Welcome to Peer Review information for firms. This section contains forms and other resources most often requested by firms. It also contains an overview of the Peer Review Program fee structure.


Annual Administrative Fees

All enrolled firms share in supporting the Peer Review Program through an annual administrative fee which is billed each year for the fiscal year of June through May. Although a firm is reviewed every three years, the administrative program costs are ongoing. The Peer Review Program is self-supporting with a break-even budget. We continually explore cost containment methods; however, even with our best efforts, there are many things that are beyond our control that directly affect the cost of doing business.

The 2022-2023 Administrative Fee structure is available here. There are no changes from the 2021-2022 fee structure. Pay online or by phone with credit card, or mail to our new address: 170 120th Ave NE Ste E101, Bellevue, WA 98005.

Failure to pay the annual administrative fee within 60 days after the first billing will be charged a $50 late charge, and failure to pay within 120 days will be referred to the AICPA to begin the “drop” process. Employees of firms dropped from the Peer Review Program will no longer be eligible for AICPA membership.

Reinstatement Fees:

Firms dropped or terminated from the Peer Review Program for failure to pay annual administrative fees, for not providing information necessary to perform the review, or for any other reason, will be required to pay a $400 reinstatement fee.

Firms requesting reinstatement into the Peer Review Program after more than one year must also pay the annual administrative fee for the year immediately prior to reinstatement, in addition to the current fiscal year fees.

Corrective Action Fees:

Firms required to have a post-issuance review performed by the committee or technical reviewer may not be required to pay for the review. However, firms failing to make the necessary corrections, thereby requiring additional corrective actions, will be required to pay $100 for each subsequent engagement monitored through post-issuance.

Recall Fees:

In the event of the need to recall any peer review’s previously issued acceptance letter and/or to accelerate a firm’s review completion before its next regularly scheduled due date, whether acceleration is voluntary or involuntary, in lieu of recall procedures, the affected firm(s) will be charged an administrative or enrollment fee at the time of recall. In addition to the regularly assessed annual administrative fee the firm will be charged an administrative fee equal to three times the annual fee routinely charged to firms of a similar size undergoing a system review, based on the committee approved schedule of administrative or enrollment fees then in effect. The regularly assessed annual fee covers the administration of one peer review during the regular three year cycle. Because a recall necessitates a second peer review in the same three year period, the administrative fee is doubled.