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    Message to Our Membership

    by Monette Anderson | Apr 22, 2021
    We are more than 12 months into a pandemic that has upended the CPA profession in a way that did not seem fathomable at the beginning of 2020. While this time has been filled with uncertainty, new challenges, and drastic shifts in the tools and ways in which we work, our CPA community continues to show incredible strength and resilience as we adapt to the new normal.
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    7 of the Most Common Expense Scams (and how to stop them)

    by Barbara Doane | Apr 22, 2021
    Most employees are inherently honest. They realize that the risk of imperiling their career over a couple of hundred more dollars in their pocket isn’t worth it. However, a small section (about five percent, studies show) of your employees don’t agree. They maybe feel entitled, aggrieved, or simply think they can get away with it.
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    Noncompliance with Laws and Regulations: What the NOCLAR Guidance Means for CPAs

    by Thomas Neill | Apr 20, 2021
    In February the AICPA Professional Ethics Executive Committee reproposed their March 2017 Interpretation, Responding to Noncompliance with Laws and Regulations, in a complementary effort with the Auditing Standards Board and their exposure draft titled Inquiries of the Predecessor Auditor Regarding Fraud and Noncompliance with Laws and Regulations (amendment of AU-C section 210). How will this affect you?
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    Welcome to 2021!

    by Jared Theis, CPA | Feb 05, 2021
    Reflections of 2020 and hopes for 2021 from Jared Theis, 2020-2021 WSCPA Board of Directors Chair
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    Mental Health & Well-being During & Beyond COVID-19: a Top Priority

    by Center for Workplace Mental Health | Feb 05, 2021
    Employers recognize their workforce as a highly valuable resource. Over the past few years, employers of all sizes and representing diverse industries began to focus on more effectively addressing workplace mental health. No longer was it an afterthought, but a business imperative.
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