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    Exploring Excel's Hidden Treasures: LET and LAMBDA Functions

    by David H. Ringstrom, CPA | Jan 31, 2023
    Many Excel formulas are quite manageable, but sometimes a formula can end up spanning two or more rows in Excel’s formula bar. Such formulas are tricky to audit and to edit because they often repeat calculations in two or more places.
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  • conflicts of interest_square 200x200

    Conflicts of Interest Still Cause Trouble for CPAs

    by Duncan B. Will, CPA/ABV/CFF, CFE | Jan 26, 2023
    Conflicts of interest have long been a major factor in professional liability claims against CPAs. Part of the problem is that potential conflicts of interest are hard to recognize or identify until something goes wrong.
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  • what young professionals want

    What Young Professionals Want From Your Firm

    by Annie Mueller | Jan 23, 2023
    Understanding the wants and needs of today’s young professionals is key to building a sustainable talent pipeline for your firm of tomorrow.
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  • common questions esg_square 200x200

    Common Questions About Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

    by Justin Neff, CPA and Colleen Rozillis | Jan 20, 2023
    As organizations rapidly pursue initiatives to support their values and meet the expectations of stakeholders, it’s crucial to implement, track, report, and assure standards that accurately define and measure your progress. Implementing an ESG strategy can help achieve these initiatives, while driving further growth and brand loyalty.
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  • staying ahead_square 200x200

    Staying Ahead of the Inclusion Curve

    by Monette Anderson, CAE | Jan 16, 2023
    The accounting profession needs to increase diversity and inclusion efforts to remain competitive to their workers, customers, and reputation. It’s incumbent on all organizations to implement actionable steps, appropriate to their organization, to move us all forward. Organizations that don’t are sure to be left behind as investors, customers, and their employees demand it.
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