Firm Compliance with State Peer Review Licensure Requirements

by AICPA | Nov 19, 2019
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Your public accounting firm may be asked for the status of their peer review by a state board of accountancy. If you receive such a request and need assistance, you can give your peer review administering entity (AE)—the Washington Society of CPAs—permission to provide certain objective information about your peer review.

If you elect to receive assistance from the WSCPA, you can permit us to provide the state board with the following,but not limited to, information:

  • The date of the firm’s enrollment and due date of the firm’s first peer review (either after enrollment or re-enrollment). This information is included in the firm’s enrollment letter at the time of initial enrollment or re-enrollment.
  • A revised peer review due date. This information is included in an approved extension letter.
  • The estimated dates of when the firm’s peer review will commence and will be presented to a Report Acceptance Body (RAB).

Starting in 2020, firms can grant their AE this permission by accessing PRIMA at any time throughout the peer review process, such as during the enrollment or scheduling phase. Firms can also access PRIMA and change their selections at any time.  

Questions about this or other matters related to peer review? Contact Julie Phipps, WSCPA Manager of Practice Quality.

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