As CPAs are working to adjust their business operations and serve and advise clients/colleagues during the Coronavirus pandemic, the WSCPA has compiled a variety of mental health resources to assist employees and managers alike. 
Mental Health Resource Center

Mental Health Resources

How to Cope with Job Stress and Build Resilience During the COVID-19 Pandemic 
Workplace Mental Health Tools and Resources

Center for Workplace Mental Health
The Center for Workplace Mental Health provides provides employers the tools, resources and information needed to promote and support the mental health of employees and their families.
COVID-19: Mental Health and Well Being

Crisis Connections
Crisis Connections maintains a free 24-hour helpline (866-427-4747) to connect people in physical, emotional and financial crisis to services that will be of assistance.  

The WA Warm Line, run by Crisis Connections, is a confidential peer support line (call 877-500-WARM) for those experiencing anxiety, loneliness, etc. They are available: Mondays - Fridays from 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM and weekends from 12:30 PM - 9:00 PM.

NAMI Washington Helpline Resources
NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Seattle operates a mental health referral and information helpline (call 206-783-9264 or text 206-207-7765) to connect callers to the support and resources that they need. NOTE: This helpline is not a crisis line, as they are not equipped to assist with crisis intervention.

Articles / Videos

September 2023
How to Support New Workers' Mental Health (HBR) 

July 2023
Why employees still think you're failing their mental health needs (Fast Company)
Supporting BIPOC Mental Health: Addressing Microaggressions in the Workplace (Spring Health)

June 2023
Employer Mental Health Support is Critical: 5 Ways to Support Employees' Mental Health (Forbes) 

May 2023
This Mental Health Awareness Month, how 2 employers transformed their strategies (Human Resource Executive)
Gen Z Expects Mental Wellness Support from Employers (SHRM)
May is Mental Health Awareness Month (WSCPA Blog)

February 2023
How Managers Can Address Their Own Biases Around Mental Health (HBR)

January 2023
Why this accounting firm has rolled out 2 dozen benefits since COVID (Human Resource Executive)
How to Ask Prospective Employers about Mental Health Benefits (Associations Now)
7 Mental Health Resolutions to Boost Your Mental Health (AARP)
How Employee Wellness Benefits Can Help Save Money During Economic Uncertainty (Forbes)

October 2022
7 Ways to Create a Healthy and Balanced Work Environment (Entrepreneur)
When You're Worried About a Colleague's Mental Health (HBR) 
8 Ways Managers Can Support Employees' Mental Health (HBR)
Coping with Depression When Starting a New Job (Psych Central) 

August 2022
How to Ask Prospective Employers About Mental Health Benefits (Associations Now)

February 2022
What Makes a Mentally Healthy Work Culture (Psychology Today)

January 2022
7 best practices for implementing a successful mental well-being strategy (Employee Benefit News)
Employee Mental Health Continues to Be a Priority in 2022 (Associations Now)

December 2021
Protect staff’s mental health with true time off (Journal of Accountancy)

November 2021
Is Your Workplace Culture Creating Burnout? Five Questions to Ask (Associations Now)
How CPAs and employers can support mental health (Journal of Accountancy)

October 2021 
It’s a New Era for Mental Health at Work (HBR)
6 ways to deal with an anxious brain (Fast Company)
These 4 Mental Health Red Flags Could Be Early Signs of Depression and Anxiety (Women's Health)
Why Mental Health Days Matter—And How to Implement Them the Right Way (Associations Now)

September 2021
How Businesses Can Address Mental Health In The Workplace (Forbes) 

August 2021
Small changes can be a big drain on mental energy (CPA Insider)
Disclosing a Mental Health Condition at Work (Online Counseling Programs)

July 2021
CFOs Need to Prioritize Employees’ Mental Health (CFO)
Wellness Matters: Leadership skills to nurture mental health & well-being (ADP) 
Mental Wellness Support from a Surprising Source: Why and How to Prioritize Mental Health at Work (ADP)

June 2021
Addressing Mental Health in the Workplace (Associations Now) 
Signs you or a colleague could use mental health support (podcast) (Journal of Accountancy)

May 2021
Advice for Pandemic-Fatigued Managers (ASAE)
From paying workers to take vacation to on demand therapy: How companies are supporting employee mental health (CNBC)
Setting boundaries can help you manage your mental health as you return to work — here’s how to do it (CNBC)
Mental Health Starts at the Top (Stanford Social Innovation Review)
Raise Your Mental Health Awareness (Psychology Today) 
In-Person Life is Exhausting: Post-Pandemic Socializing (Psychology Today)

April 2021
Nine Signs A Remote Employee Is Struggling With Stress Or Anxiety (Forbes)
Stress and burnout: Tips for employees and employers (FM)
Supporting Your Employees' Well-Being Through Aspirational Mental Health Care (Forbes)

March 2021
6 tips for mitigating and recovering from burnout (CPA Insider)
How to Help an Employee with Anxiety (Entrepreneur)

February 2021
Mental Health & Well-being During & Beyond COVID-19: a Top Priority (The Washington CPA)

3 Tips to Recharge When Your Tank Is Running on Empty (The Washington CPA)
When and How to Recommend Employees Seek Mental Health Help (Associations Now)
Can we talk? 6 Ways to Be Open with Your Boss about Depression (Fast Company)
How Organizations Can Help Staff Look After Their Mental Health (Associations Now)
How Regular Exercise Can Boost Your Brain Health (Runners World)

January 2021
Am I OK? How to do a mental health check (USA Today)
How organizations can help staff look after their mental health (Associations Now)
3 steps to stop remote work burnout (video | TED)

December 2020
Proecting Your Team's Mental Health (AICPA)

November 2020
Don't Shortchange Employee Well-Being When Planning Future Investments for the Business (Forbes) 
Managing Your Mental Health with Exercise During COVID-19 Pandemic (MTI Physical Therapy) 
Mental health expert on coping with seasonal depression and holiday changes amid a pandemic (video) (King5)

October 2020
It’s not that you don’t care. It’s that you’re mentally exhausted (Fast Company)
How to Manage Stress (The Skimm)
5 ways to design a better mental health future for a stressed-out workforce (Fast Company)
Should You Take a Mental Health Day? (USA Today)
Serious Leaders Need Self-Care Too (HBR)
How to Use Humor to Manage Stress (Psychology Today) 

September 2020 
Returning to work: Prioritizing mental health (Journal of Accountancy)

August 2020
Overcoming the Unexpected Consequence of Remote Work Nobody Mentions (WSCPA Blog)
When perfectionism becomes a problem (Journal of Accountancy)
Promoting resilience helps firms and people in turbulent times (Journal of Accountancy)

July 2020
Minding the Other Pandemic (Insight/Illinois CPA Society)
Why Zoom meetings really do leave you exhausted (Journal of Accountancy)

June 2020
Help Your Employees Manage Their Reentry Anxiety (HBR)
Covid-Normal: Worker Stress, Work/Life Balance and Productivity Start to Stabilize (CPA Practice Advisor)

May 2020 
Being An Agent of Change For Workplace Mental Health (Forbes)
9 podcasts that can help soothe your coronavirus anxiety (Vox)

April 2020
4 ways to reduce anxiety and social isolation (Journal of Accountancy)

March 2020
How to Keep Your Sanity and Continue Liking Your Kids While in Isolation (WSCPA Blog) 
How to Keep Your Body Healthy and Your Mind Sharp - Part 2 (WSCPA Blog)

February 2020
How to Keep Your Body Healthy and Your Mind Sharp - Part 1 (WSCPA Blog)
Depression and the CPA (Journal of Accountancy)

October 2019
Tackling the Stigma of Mental health in the Accountancy Profession (Accountancy Age) 

March 2019
Elements of an Effective Workplace Mental Health Strategy (Forbes)

January 2019
Imposters All Around (WSCPA Blog)

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