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    Get Confidential Feedback on Your Financial Statements

    by WSCPA | Jun 24, 2020
    The WSCPA Financial Statement Review Committee provides WSCPA members a confidential and complimentary service for financial statement review. Learn more about the process for taking advantage of this service.
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  • Federal and State Updates Regarding COVID-19

    by WSCPA | Jun 22, 2020
    Find the latest resources from various federal and state agencies regarding COVID-19. We're monitoring and updating this list as developments continue to unfold.
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    Changes to Overtime Exemptions: Training Provided by Department of Labor and Industries

    by WSCPA | Jun 16, 2020
    The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) invites you to attend an upcoming webinar to learn more about updates to the rules governing employees exempt from the protections of the State Minimum Wage Act.
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    Ready, Set, Implement: News on A&A Standards

    by WSCPA | Jun 15, 2020
    The Auditing Standards Board (ASB) agreed to defer implementation of the seven most recently issued Statements on Auditing Standards (SASs). SAS Nos. 134-140, which substantially change the auditor’s report, will be deferred one year and are now generally effective for audits of calendar year-end 2021 financial statements.
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    WSCPA Statement on Racism and Inequity

    by Kimberly Scott | Jun 09, 2020
    Our nation, our state and our members are reacting to the continued injustices that stem from systemic racism. People are hurt, angry, and scared. Voices are loud right now, asking to be heard, asking for real change.
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    Secure Your Firm Post-COVID-19—June PCPS Tool

    by Private Companies Practice Section (PCPS) | Jun 04, 2020
    Seemingly overnight, COVID-19 required CPA firms to operate entirely in a virtual environment. Now that we have been working like this for a while, it is imperative that you take time to consider any cybersecurity risks you may have introduced in the rush to remote work. This month's PCPS tool gives you somewhere to start.
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    3 Tips For Getting Noticed By Recruiters From a Distance

    by Jamie Gardner, CPA | Jun 02, 2020
    Accounting recruitment can be a daunting task in a normal year for students, and now there is added confusion and stress over trying to navigate how to still get out there in front of firms and get noticed. Here are 3 tips for how to make the best of our current situation.
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    Potential WA DOR Seattle Office Relocation – Opinions Needed

    by WSCPA | May 27, 2020
    The Washington State Department of Revenue is considering moving its current downtown Seattle office to a new location outside of the Seattle downtown core. They would like to receive feedback from you to better understand how customers currently use their office at 2101 4th Avenue. Please help them make this important decision by completing a short survey.
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    Public Comments Sought on Uniform Accountancy Act Revisions Pertaining to Education Requirements of Future CPAs

    by WSCPA | May 27, 2020
    The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) has announced the start of a 90-day comment period for proposed revisions to the Uniform Accountancy Act (UAA) Model Rules. Comments will be accepted through August 31, 2020.
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    Unemployment Imposter Fraud in Washington State

    by WSCPA | May 22, 2020
    You may have heard this weekend about unemployment claims fraud in Washington State. Here are details from the Washington State Employment Security Department and steps to take if you believe you are a victim of imposter fraud.
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    Managing Your Job Loss

    by WSCPA | May 19, 2020
    More than 30 million Americans have lost their jobs so far this year. This article offers tips to share with clients who may have lost their jobs and to help them minimize the financial damage and prepare for new positions and opportunities.
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    Use Your COVID-19 Budget to Improve Financial Habits

    by WSCPA | May 19, 2020
    While the COVID-19 pandemic is having a devastating impact on the nation’s economy, use this opportunity to encourage your clients to take stock of their current financial situation and establish habits that will put them on a stronger financial footing once the pandemic ends and the economy recovers. Share this article with your clients!
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    Becoming a Better Advocate for Yourself and Other Women at Work

    by Mikaela Kiner | May 05, 2020
    So many things that happen at work can catch women off guard, making us question our confidence and capability. Women experience microaggressions, receive intangible feedback, and are interrupted more often than men. Worst of all, it’s not uncommon for women to internalize these experiences and blame themselves. Unfortunately, gender bias is deeply rooted in our society. The good news is, it’s not your fault.
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    Don’t Just Make the Connection, Maintain It

    by Monette Anderson | May 05, 2020
    If you have never spent an afternoon pondering the return on investment of your last business trip, Oxford Economics USA did the math for us. For every $1 spent on business travel, companies see an ROI of $12.50. As we embark on the year 2020, we have a lot of expectations around where technology will take us.
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    2020 Hill Day

    by Ashley Kittrell | May 05, 2020
    Wintery weather could not stop members from traveling to Olympia on January 15 for WSCPA’s annual Hill Day. Members spent the day together going office to office to meet with their representatives and discuss professional issues.
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    How to Choose an Audit Analytics Tool

    by Donny C. Shimamoto | May 05, 2020
    With clients continuing to put downward fee pressures on auditors, firms need to look for additional ways to gain efficiency on their audits. One of the easier ways to do this is to look at data analytic tools that are designed to help automate the auditor’s work or audit analytics tools.
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    Join Us Online for the WSCPA Annual Meeting June 4

    by WSCPA | May 01, 2020
    Due to the current health climate, the WSCPA Annual Meeting will be held virtually on June 4. Please join us and keynote speaker, Professor Margaret O'Mara as we uncover insights from historical challenges, and appoint the 2020-2021 Board of Directors.
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    Technology and The Future of Audit

    by Jared Theis | May 01, 2020
    Zettabyte. No, it's not a made up word or hyperbolic number. It's a trillion gigabytes or as Cisco's Taru Khurana put it: "If each gigabyte in a zettabyte were a brick, 258 Great Walls of China could be built." And that's just one zettabyte. Does the real value come from having access to the data, or collecting, transforming and analyzing it?
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    We Are Not Your Mama's Membership Organization: 4 Ways to Engage With the Change

    by Amanda O'Rourke | Apr 30, 2020
    Just as the CPA profession is rapidly changing, the WSCPA is adapting to meet the needs of our state. This is not your mama’s membership organization any longer. Are you tapping in to all the WSCPA offers? Here are some ways to get the most of your WSCPA membership.
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    Letter from the President & CEO

    by Kimberly Scott | Apr 30, 2020
    The world seems to be in chaos and is changing so rapidly. The current state of adapting to the coronavirus pandemic as I write this (early April) may not be reflective of where we are at the time you read this. We realize that, in times like this, we may not be the first place you turn. However, if you do need to turn to us, we will be here for you.
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